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Project 365 Day 3

January 15, 2010

I fell behind on my blogging. It has been a rough week. I’ve been sick and somehow, I’ve pulled a muscle in my arm, chest wall, and back. My shoulder to my elbow hurt, as does my chest wall and back. I was texting the ChemE and just mentioned my shoulder, chest, and arm hurt and I thought he was going to call 911 for me. *sigh* I had to reassure him it was on my right side and that I thought I had pulled something.

Okay, on to the pictures I took. Day 3 would have been Monday. I did manage to get some pictures done on Monday. This is my oldest son. He is my pride and joy. Another one that will forever hold my heart. I was not ready for children when I had him and I thank the Dear Lord every day for giving me such a wonderful child. He is smart, sweet, sensitive, funny, dorky, charming….and just a good kid.

He was sitting at my desk, studying. We’ve had a rough start to the school year and are hoping for great things for the spring semester.

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