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Creole shrimp and grits

January 18, 2009

Ahhhh…. a staple of the South. Grits. mmmmmmmmmmm…..

There is nothing in this world like shrimp and grits. 🙂 Tonight, for supper, I am making creole shrimp and grits.It will be a first for me. I love shrimp, fried, steamed, butterflied, in Oriental cooking, in Southern cooking….don’t know much about Northern/Midwestern/West Coast cooking… I apologize if I don’t include your regional cuisine in this list….shrimp will always reign. Tonight’s dish will bring the best of 2 worlds together for me. Grits are a salty, mild flavor and the shrimp will be nice and spicy…

Will there be pictures of the process? Yeah…no, sorry. I am working on saving enough money to purchase a new camera for myself. I have my eye on a Canon Rebel XTI. 😎 Oh, yeah. Hopefully by my birthday I will have enough saved.

Well, I must go start the elusive shrimp and grits.

update: The Creole Shrimp and Grits was a recipe from the January 2009 issue of Southern Living. It was very delicious!!! I have never cooked grits using milk and water. The combination of the two made the grits very creamy in texture. The creole shrimp was delicious, although it didn’t take nearly as long to cook at the directions stated. Next time, I am going to use large shrimp instead of the medium shrimp that are recommended. I do wish there were some where here to get fresh shrimp so that I don’t have to use the flash frozen shrimp.

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