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Snow….a little late

March 26, 2008

I haven’t been paying as much attention to my blogger site as I have my myspace and facebook.

It snowed here a couple of weeks ago. It was great for the kids to see the snow. Sage doesn’t remember the times it snowed when we lived in Mississippi. He has seen all the pictures, but he doesn’t remember it. Often, when living in Macon, he would pray and pray and pray it would snow. It never did. Until we moved to Arkansas! It snowed 2 weeks after we moved. He was furious.

Thankfully, it snowed here the first of March. Who would have thought? Here are some of the pictures I took of it snowing…

The first one is of the house when it first started sticking. The next one is of the house about 5 hours later. It started around 9:00a.m., but didn’t really start sticking until about 1:00p.m. It didn’t let up until 9:30p.m.

The others are of the kids playing in the snow. What fun they had!!! Well, what fun we all had….we all got out and threw snowballs at each other. I wouldn’t let them in the front yard because it was so beautiful!

It all melted by the end of Sunday.

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